Calling all readers: This Years YA Reading Challenge!!!

Well, in celebration of a week of blogging, I happen to be scrolling through the posts of Bloglovin’ and I came across this reading challenge.

Its hosted by Fighting Dreamer, and I thought it would be nice to spread the word for her!!! Since a lot of people are doing it, and I wanted to try/read something new, I wanted to give it a shot too!!! If you would like to sign up too, just click on the picture on the top, or, visit the link on the bottom:

The sign ups are up until November 30!!! Why wouldn’t you give it a shot? I mean, how many of these types of challenges do you cross in this time of day? (for me it was like once in a blue moon.)

Anyway, these are some of the books I wanted to read for GLBT: I have 6 in mind, for now… (and it was suppose to be like 2-3 😛 Riiiiiiight.)

The Truth About AliceFan ArtOtherboundDark Metropolis (Dark Metropolis, #1)My Best Friend, MaybeThe Art of Breathing (Bear, Otter, and the Kid, #3)
Looking through these covers, I happen to wonder, instead of your reading challenge on Goodreads (if you have one), do you have any others? And are these books familiar? :3

3 thoughts on “Calling all readers: This Years YA Reading Challenge!!!

  1. Thanks for signing up, Lucy Lala! I hope you have fun with the challenge!

    About the books, I loved Fan Art and really enjoyed Dark Metropolis (Otherbound didn’t work for me…) and am curious about the other two YA. Btw, for this challenge only young adult books are acceptable so the last two rows are out. 😦 Great picks, though. I quite like TJ Klune, Rhys Ford and Daisy Harris 🙂


    • Ooops I might’ve missed that rule, sorry :3 (I’ll modify this now 😉 ) I just haven’t had a chance to update in a while, but Thank you for letting me know ahead of time! ;D
      I guess I have a lot to catch up to!!! (At least I have the rest of the yar to complete this challenge 😉 )


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