Review: Portraits of Celina


3 stars

Title: Portraits of Celina

Author: Sue Whiting

Format: Paperback ARC provided by Switch Press for an honest review 🙂

Published: April 1st 2015 by Switch Press

“Make him pay Bayley, Make him pay!!!”

To be honest, I had no intentions of reading this book, ever. I usually don’t ever read horror/thriller/mystery books, but then I was bored, had nothing to do, and when I saw this book, I grew curious, and I found myself start reading this book. Kind of like how Bayley was with Celina and haunting her… Weird…

Anyway, I liked it, for being my first time ever and reading a horror novel (does Anna dressed in Blood count???) So many things happened and my brain is just on high-wire, and all I know is that if I ever find myself in this situation, get me a plane ticket back to where I came from, because I wouldn’t even be able to handle a day let alone 3 months with that. And she did it at such a young age, and by herself!!!! (Until the very end that is). Only if the epilogue was longer though 😦 I wanted to see what happened between her and Oliver, it just ended with her at the funeral 😦 -sigh- oh well… What a read indeed!!!

This book all started with Bayley moving from her hometown to an abandoned house in the middle of no where at a countryside looking house, with only her 7 year old brother, 17 year old sister, and her mother (because her father died in a horrible accident a year ago)

Bayley gets the room where Celina used to live in, and she died the same age as her 40 years ago, and ever since she arrived, Celina’s ghost has been haunting her, because she hasn’t been able to move on from the afterlife until she gets her revenge, and she is using Bayley to do it.

So, she finds this wooden chest on top of her nightstand, and she does the unthinkable, she opens it!
And that’s when all heck breaks loose. Bayley finds herself sleeping in Celina’s room, wearing her clothes, and hearing her voice everywhere.

So throughout the story, Bayley is trying to find out what does Celina want and why is she using her to do it? And who will suffer because of it?

This is one heck of a ghost story, with a love story, and revenge.

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