Just a Thought…

So, today I learned the importance of etiquette. It was quite an interesting experience.

I learned how to do a proper handshake (I was shocked by how difficult this was for some people). You would think this was easy, since we have to do this for job interviews, being professional, and you know… actually introducing yourself.

Well, let me tell you. The guest speaker had instructed us to give her the details on how to properly do a handshake (and oh my did people take this question so seriously). I’m talking about how some of the answers were like: “Oh but, you need to touch each others hands and just say your name and nice to meet you“. No, no, no honey, it’s much more than that.

You have to have the eye contact, you have to have the confidence, you have to have a firm grip of the hand and present yourself to where you engage the other person with your first impression.

This took about thirty minutes to explain out of the three and a half hour lecture which included: walking, talking, posture, and having the mindset of a lady instead of a woman.

I thought I knew the ropes of etiquette, but I had walked out of the studio with such an overload of information, I was extremely glad that I learned plenty of new things.

Getting to the whole point of this story, one thing that really stuck to me though, was the difference between having a little mind, and having a great mind.

I know, I know, we should all know (or at least think) that we know the difference. But after this lecture, I have a whole new meaning for what the difference is between having a little mind and a great mind.

Me personally, I thought having a little mind was just not having as much knowledge as someone who is known for having a great mind. But boy, was I wrong.

I learned that people who gossip are the ones that have the little minds. Meanwhile, people with a great mind are the people who use their knowledge to make plans and change for the future.

Well, this is just a little thought that I had throughout the day, and I just wanted to share it with you all!

By the way, I’m planning on reading Children of Blood and Bone by: Tomi Adeyemi, and The Wise Man’s Fear by: Patrick Rothfuss sometime soon (probably on Monday) if you guys want to check them out! Looking forward to your thoughts and comments!!

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