Update for the past few days…

Sooooooooooooo, I have not been able to blog for a few days, and I am very sad about it. I have also only managed to read a couple of chapters of Children of Blood and Bone because of my all of a sudden hectic schedule that I have been having for the past few days. I like having things to do, but at the same time, there’s nothing like relaxing at home with the sound of pouring rain in the background, holding a cup of coffee and having the chance to just breathe, read, and have a peace of mind. That’s the life.

Now, what have I been up to the past few days? Well, for one I FINALLY GOT MY BOOKSHELVES!!! I know I said I had bookshelves, but turns out that they were too small, and I had to go return them and buy another pair. This put a huge delay on organizing my lovelies, this made me even more sad. BUT I GOT BOOKSHELVES NOW!!! WOOOOOOO!

I’m going to build them tomorrow so I can put up my lovelies and start my endless pile of to-be-reads… I also had so much stuff to return because things tend to break for some odd reason before it even gets here. I also had a birthday to attend, and I ate so much frosting. I don’t regret it at all. Never mess with me and my sweets…

Speaking of sweets, what’s your favorite dessert? This is actually one of the hardest questions you can ever ask me, because I like everything sweet related. But nothing beats home-baked cookie brownies with some ice cream. Gosh, I can have that every day, get diabetes, and will be happy.

Going back to book related stuff, I am hoping to finish Children of Blood and Bone before Sunday so that I am able to discuss it and write a review on it, hopefully starting the second one shortly after. I did the mistake of hearing some spoilers about it, but this will not stop me from reading the rest of the book/series nor will it change my opinion of the book once I write my review.

Well that’s all the updates I have for now! I’m hoping to blog some more soon, catch y’all later!

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