I have come to the realization that I might have to finish Children of Blood and Bone another time. I have been on the biggest readers block for I don’t know how long, and I have too many precious books on my shelves that need to be read and loved.

Apart from all of this, I went to one of the only used bookstores left in my area, and I have to say, I think it was a successful trip:

No, I do not have a problem. No, I probably will not ever finish reading every single book on my shelves, but I can sure as heck try. And no, there is no such thing as too many books.

I am quite excited to read these, and I will be blogging as much as I can now that my inspiration has returned to read. (Plus Corona so why not?)


So…. I know I haven’t been blogging for the past few days, I have just been so busy, BUT I AM BACK and I have some exciting news!!!


Took me almost all week to set up because I just had so many books (not that that’s a bad thing), BUT THEY ARE DONE.

Yes, this is what I wake up to every morning. And I am living. I hope y’all are jealous.

I will for sure be able to read a lot more now, since all of my lovelies are finally organized and in arms reach!

Updates will be coming shortly, especially with the change in season, so keep an eye!